California CCW & Multi State CCW Classes

Dr. David Lungren: I am a California Department of Justice Certified Instructor, a Certified Multi-State Concealed Weapons Instructor, and a Certified NRA Instructor.  I was raised in a shooting sports family and have handled firearms all my life. I served 6 years in the military.

Before retiring as a chiropractor I was the clinic director of a Whiplash and Spinal Trauma Center and a qualified medical examiner.  I’ve had years of experience teaching thousands of patients how to understand complex orthopedic and radiological findings so they could better manage their injuries. I apply this same level of expertise and training to every class and to every student.

In our classes you will enjoy learning firearm safety and the laws and ethics of concealed carry.

California has some of the most strict gun laws in the United States.  Open Carry is not allowed in most parts of California.

Why Should you get a CCW Permit?  The better question is why wouldn’t you with all the crime happening.  Protect yourself, your family and others when outside your home.  Don’t be caught defenseless!

 You are welcome to call me with any questions